B&F Alert Level 4
18 August 2021

B&F Alert Level 4

Wednesday 18 August 2021

To our Valued Customers
During the period of COVID-19 level 4 alert, B&F will be open in its capacity as a member of the supply chain to a designated essential service. We have reduced our service levels to only that which will be required to supply these essential services.
To maintain these levels we are making the following changes to our normal operations;
Placing orders with B&F:

  1. Our phones lines, website, and emails are open as usual. As the first point of contact please email orders to sales@bfpapers.co.nz where possible.
  2. In accordance with Government Directives, we are only able to supply stock to Essential Services. Please send with your first Alert Level 4 Purchase Order a letter confirming that your business is an Essential Service.
  3. Your B&F Sales Representative is available by phone or email.


  1. The Auckland warehouse will be open with reduced staffing to cover demand for essential services.
  2. There will be a single Auckland city truck service each day. It will depart from the warehouse each day at 9:30 am and service each of our customers in Auckland. The cut-off for orders for this service will be 8 am each day.
  3. Other transport links, Daily Freight, Road Runner, the Couriers will remain in operation as usual.
  4. The slitter rewinder will be in full operation to cover the demand for essential services.
  5. The Auckland office will be closed with staff available remotely.

Wellington and Christchurch:

  1. The Wellington and Christchurch warehouses will be closed, however, we are on call for customers who need to access stock for essential services.
  2. Both offices will be closed with staff available remotely.

Please bear with us as we adapt to these challenging times and work hard to keep the supply chain open whilst reducing the risk in line with the Government's guidance.
We will update you if these service levels have to be amended in the future. Stay safe.
Yours sincerely,

Penelope Savidan  |  Managing Director
E: PenelopeS@bfpapers.co.nz


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